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Since 2003, Prescience Insurance Consultants and Actuaries have strengthened core
business for life and health insurance providers through our actuarial expertise and consulting
services. Based in Toronto Canada, we serve insurance organizations in North America,
Central America and the Caribbean.

We enhance clients' business and mitigate against risk

Our integrated actuarial and insurance consulting services provide flexible, customized services. Our consultants are qualified actuaries in Canada and U.S. with extensive international experience with major insurance companies.

Our expertise

  • International insurance and related risk management expertise
  • Best practices and successful strategies
  • Customizing solutions to fit the unique needs of individual clients

Prescience improves insurers' profitability through a wide variety of services

  • Innovative product development
  • Robust and accurate financial reporting
  • Thorough understanding of local & international insurance regulations
  • Customized actuarial services
  • Risk management expertise
  • Access to top-notch flexible financial models
  • Micro-insurance

Contact us for more information

Paul Ngai, FSA, FCIA

Principal & Consulting Actuary

T: 647-775-8443

E: pngai@prescienceconsultants.com

Rowan Watson, FSA, FCIA, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

T: 416-823-4024

E: rwatson@prescienceconsultants.com